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Valentine’s Day present

Valentine’s Day is coming, I have prepared a gift for my wife – a necklace, but I’m curious about the gift from her, she always gives me surprises.

I desided to check her online shopping cart.I found it is unbelievable, because she bought me a lighter.

I’m a heavy smoker, she doesn’t like smoking people, especially me, why she bought me a lighter, very hard to understand.

Anyway, the day is here now. We exchange gifts in a restaurant. She said: “Darling, I know you checked my online shopping cart, and found the gift is a lighter.”

“Yes, I did that, why it is a lighter? You hate me smoke…… ”

“Here is the lighter.” She gives the lighter to you, it is in a little box.

I opened the box and found her picture on the lighter.

“OH, do you think I can use the lighter with your picture to smoker? ” I said.

“That is the point, I hope you can quit smoking for me……” She said.

I’m smiling, and said: “I’ll try if I can be a father.”

“That is why I bought this gift.”

So my wife is ready to be a wife, that is great. I will quit smoking and wait to be a father. I like the lighter bought from Brightent very much, it can be charged and customized.