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How to protect your Jeep Spare Tire?-Buy a tire cover

How to protect your Jeep Spare Tire?

The answer is buy a Jeep tire cover.

It is often the Jeeps and other sport utility vehicles have spare tire covers on the rear wheels. The cover is both decorative and functional, and has a variety of materials, styles and colors that can protect the tires and show the owner’s personality. Some vehicles have a dealer’s Jeep spare tire cover; others may not have one.

Brightent jeep tire covers

Why buy the jeep spare tire covers:

Tire tires are not absolutely necessary for external storage tires, especially if the spare parts are full size and are included in the normal rotation of the tires. However, if the tire is not included in the rotation, or in the extreme weather area of the vehicle, it is strongly recommended to use the cover. Prevent sun and heat damage to the UV, prevent dry, prevent sand into the tire groove and corrosion. In cold climates, the protective cover will protect the tires from Blizzard, sleet and pavement salt, extending tire life in bad weather. Maintenance of the tire cover is very simple; they can be washed, only need to occasionally remove, clean up any internal dust or debris.

In the past article, we mentioned the comparison of the tire cover providers. Brightent tire cover has durable polyester material, and with tighten rope for snug fit. You can buy from there with no printing tire cover,or tire cover with different design,or design your own.

Brightent jeep wheel covers detail picture:

jeep wrangler tire covers-material
wheel covers for jeeps-tightent rope

custom jeep tire covers:

personalize your tire cover