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How to custom bbq covers

How to custom bbq covers


Many people in the deep south think of a good pork sandwich with cole slaw when they think of BBQ. They roast that pork shoulder or butt on a smoker all day long. At the end of the day it is so tender, it just comes a part easily. That is where the term pulled pork originates. Nearly everyone has their own special marinade and seasoning that is their secret to make their BBQ taste just the way they want it. Sometimes this is passed down from one generation to the next and is a closely guarded secret. Not being from the deep south, I am not sure when or where the tradition of cole slaw on a sandwich originated. Then their is the sauce that you put on the pork after it is finished. Some like a white sauce and others like the more traditional brown sauces. Some use their own recipes for this also, while others just use a commercial sauce.

How to custom bbq covers


BBQ in Texas, means beef. You are either grilling a big ole steak on the grill or you are smoking a 10 to 12 pound brisket all day in you favorite BBQ set. When it comers to BBQ sandwiches, some like it chopped while others like it sliced. It all gets chopped up inside your mouth, but everyone has their favorite. Mine is sliced where my wife like her chopped. There are several different chains of BBQ restaurants in the Dallas area and everyone has their favorite. You will not find any cole slaw on a BBQ sandwich in Texas. But I have to admit, I enjoy a pork sandwich in Alabama and a beef sandwich in Texas. I guess it is “When in Rome, do what the Romans do.”

BBQ, it means many things to many people. But the words stir fond thoughts or memories to most people. So whatever it means to you, I hope you get your favorite BBQ sometime soon.

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