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A Joke

I lost my temper and quarreled with him yesterday, and I went out the whole night.

This morning when I wake up, I found there is no message from him. It is strange. I called him, but no answer.

I thought maybe I’m wrong, I should control my hot temper.

I went to our apartment, the door is open. I went in and found the house is full of roses. The bedding bag is new, it is printed with roses.

Maybe he will propose marriage today. At that time, he went in, “oh, you are back.”

“Do you like the roses, the bedding bag? I bought from Brightent, you said you like the store, and I want to propose marriage.” He said.

“Yes, I do.” I am very moved.

“No, not to you, I will get married with Susan, she is soft.” He said this with a smile.

“OK, congratulations”, then I went out.

There are many friends outside include Susan, they are laughing, so it is a joke…

“Honey, today is April Fool ‘s Day, but I’m serious, do you want to marry me?”

I do, but I’m afraid this is a joke again, maybe I should say that I have a new boyfriend?