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Customized Balloons

I’m a kindergarten teacher, our principal asked me to have a party for the kids, as you know, the kids are about three years old, some of them are very naughty. But principal said he will invite the parents.

I’m afraid I will mess up the party and the parents won’t like me, I’m a new teacher.

When I back home with a worried look, I told this to my father. Then my father had an great idea for me.

On the second day, I wrote a choice question on the blackboard.

Which one do you like?

A- Mickey Mouse

B- Pooh Bear

C- Peppa Pig

D- SpongeBob

According to the kids’ choices, I ordered some balloons from a online store Brightent, they can custom the balloons with Mickey Mouse, Pooh Bear, Peppa Pig and SpongeBob.

As I wished, the kids like the balloons very much and the party was great, parents like me very much.

Thanks my father, he said he bought a customized Cell phone cases from Brightent, so had the idea of customized balloons. So thanks Brightent.