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Pray More Worry Less

I have a lazy wife, she never cook. I cook everyday and I’m not happy. I asked my mother how can I change my wife.

My Mum said: “Son, I will visit you this weekend, and I will tell you what to do.”

I think my Mum is 67 years old and she should have a way to change my lazy wife.

So my Mum came on the weekend, she brought me a gift, it is a Apron, printed with “Pray More and Worry Less”!

I can’t believe, this is the way to change my wife?

“Son, don’t believe that you can change your wife, you can only change yourself, Pray More and Worry Less, maybe one day, she will cook.”

I forgot that my Mum is my wife’s best friend……

“OK, I cook today, what would you like for dinner?