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Keep Calm And Have A BBQ

My uncle is very excited today because he bought a grill and will have barbecue in his yard today. And he asked me together.

I asked why, because my uncle often argue with me, such as I call him old man, but he thinks he is very young. My uncle said: “Today I want you to know I am really young. OK, I just wait.

Finally we get to uncle’s home, I saw a covered grill,

“see?” My uncle said.

I just want to ask him what is the point, but I desided to check the grill around, OH, the point is the cover, it is printed “Keep calm and Have a BBQ”. LOL

“So I should say you are young because the cover is printed Keep calm and Have a BBQ?”

“Yes, I’m so fashion, and I have a new idea, I will buy a couple t-shirt with my dog, my dog t-shirt printed with I love John, my t-shirt printed with I love my dog”.

After a hearty laugh, I took some photos for the Keep calm and Have a BBQ Customized Grill cover, I will show the picture on my facebook, maybe my friends will ask me where can they buy this for there parents, I will tell them to buy from Brightent, an amazing online shop where you can buy some customized products to satisfy your parents.

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Be A Father

I was in hospital for a whole night. Although I am tired out, I feel very happy, because my  wife gave birth to a daughter. I’m a father now.

Now my daughter is sleeping beside my wife, she is so beautiful. Then my phone rings, I know it is the post man. Ten minutes later, I wear a new sweater stand before my wife, it is a sweater printed according to my requirement: I Am A Dad With A Shotgun A Showel And A Backyard.

That is what I want to say to my daughter, I will be a good father, protect her with a Shotgun, give a comfortable life in a big house with a backyard, and we can plant vegetables with a Showel. Although I haven’t made much money, I will work hard.

My wife cry with joy, and said “I love you forever!”

I hope we will have a happy life together forever.

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A Date Of Poker Playing Cards

Jan is 40 years old and she has a 15 years old son Jack. And her best friend named Lucy, Lucy had a 14 years old daughter Rose.

One day last month, Jan’s son suggested to have a party with Lucy and her daughter and will tell everybody a secret. Jan was very happy about that, so does Lucy.

Now it is the party day, Jack showed everybody a pair of poker playing cards, he said the card was special, it is customized. Jan thought that the secret should be in the cards, so she wanted to have a look. It is really special, 52 playing cards printed with 52 friends pictures, most are Jack’s and Rose’s classmates, “but where are the 2 Jokers per decks?”

“So that is it, Mum!” Jack gives the 2 Jokers per decks to Jan, then Jan bursted into hearty laugh, “Oh, Jack, my son, I know your secret!” The she gave the two cards to Lucy, Lucy is also very happy with the secret.

The 2 Jokers per deck was prined with Jack’s and Rose’d pictures, Jack’s secret is that he is dating with Rose.

“This is fantastic, where did you buy the poker playing cards?” Lucy asked.

Rose said they bought the cards online from Brightent, the store also customized t-shirts, bags, caps and something else, they will buy more, because the products are so special and personal for lovers.

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A Comparison Of Buying Mouse Pad From Different Companies

There are several online custom mouse pad sellers, here we make a comparison:

From the above list,their material and the quality are the same.Why don’t you buy a cheapest mouse pad? You should buy from Brightent.It help you save money.You can design you unique mouse pad. And you have good design, you can open a store on their platform to sell your design on the mouse pad, and many other products.

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A Comparison Of Buying Shower Curtain From Different Companies

There are several online custom shower curtain sellers who can provide custom made service, here we make a comparison:

From the above list,their material is the same.Why don’t you save your money? You should buy from Brightent.You can design you unique shower curtains and buy it. Or you have good design, you can open a store on their platform to sell your design on the shower curtain, and even design on many other products.

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A Comparison Of Buying Phone Cases From Different Companies

I have bought several phone cases from above companies, here we make the comparison for your suggestion:

Zazzle has best quality and multipal design. And they have 3D design case. Brightent has very good price which you needn’t have too much risk. Obviously you can save a lot of money. Also, if you have good design, you can open a store on their platform to sell your design on the phone cases.

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Custom Tent Canopy Top Replacement Front and Back Print Blue Color

Want to escape from the rut of work and see the world? Try camping as a lifestyle. Every day is yours to do exactly as you please, you can travel, work seasonally, and rack up several lifetimes-worth of experience.

When camping, you may need a camping tent, because you may sleep outside at night. You need to make sure you have a good tent. Try to find one with a built in sheet underneath to prevent cold and insects from getting inside. Buy another ground sheet to put underneath the tent to protect it. A good tent should have at least one window, and enough space for all people who are going. You should have enough room for everyone to sleep, and more room for storage. Decide if you want a tent with one main door or several. Try to face the doors away from the wind when you pitch your tent, and make sure the doors zip fully closed. Make sure you have some good quality pegs to pitch your tent with and a tool such as a hammer or mallet to put them in with. You should know how to pitch your tent before you leave for the camp site, so practice in your back garden. In case of bad weather, you should try to find a tent with a porch or an awning.

If you need a good tent, please have a look at our store, we also have our side print model, expect the high quality (600D high quality polyester with PU coating), our advantage is that our tents can be customized, we can do back and front printing. Welcome to buy from us.

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Custom Slippers

The cold winter has passed, summer is coming, do you want to bring your family to the beach on weekends? The sun was shinning,and the air was fresh, It is very interesting.

When you play on beach, you must need a pair of slippers, a pair of personal slippers look very cool.

We are an experienced slippers specialists on the internet. Our slippers are made of standard rubber with durable surface. We ensure that you will not only get excellent pricing, selection and value, you will also get expert assistance in design. We will customize your slippers exactly as you like. You can send us a picture you like, and we can use our machine to print the picture to the slippers, we use durable UV ink, it will anti-fade in the sun.

We have men size, women size and kids size for our slippers, so you can custom for your whole family, or you can custom for your company.

We have many other custom product, Please browse my Store Brightent to find more items you may love.

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I love my cat

As a cat owner, I think that my cat loves me.

One thing, my cat hates water, but he follows me to my bathroom and watch me take a bath.I asked my friend why this happens, my friend said because my cat loves me and he likes to be around me.

Another thing, my cat gave me some gifts: dead mice and birds. That is really annoying, I acknowledge, but I asked myself, why my cat didn’t eat the mice and birds, he loves them. He just gave me his favorite food.

One day, my manager asked me to find a picture for our custom shower curtains, I desided to find one about cat, as you can see in the shower curtain: I love my cat. I will buy one from my company, because I will give this gift to my cat. My friend Jan said the design of the print is too simple, I also think so, but I have no choice, because my cat can’t read too much. Next time I will tell my cat I love him when he follows me to the bathroon, just like he loves me.

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Custom Tent Canopy Top Replacement Front and Back Print Skeleton

Just want to share an embarrassed  thing happened to me.

On last weekend, I invited some good friends to my home to have a party. We had the party usder the tent I bought online. The atmosphere was good. When we were eating and drinking, singing and dancing, the embarrassed thing happened: the tent collapsed…

I told my friends that they can go inside house first, and I spent some time to repair the tent. The tent is OK, I made it work again, but the top ripped and can’t be used, I can’t continue the party under it.

At that moment, my Dad saved me, he is my hero. He gave me a top replacement, and what interested me is that the top was printed with a pirate skeleton. My Dad said he just bought a replacement for futher use.

Then my friend came out,they said the tent is perfect with the top replacement, they like the pirate skeleton print very much.

I love my Dad, he always helps me, and I also want to recommend the top replacement to others, it owns to an online shop names brightent, which is an experienced customized products supplier.