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How to custom playing card art by yourself

How to custom playing card art by yourself


MY name is Terry, I’m from Fl, I love travel a lot, and during my trip I like to take pictures , after years of travelling and taking photos I found some tricks to take a good picture.


Set the camera’s resolution as high as possible. Low-resolution images are more difficult to alter later and they don’t look as good. To ensure that you are getting the best quality photos possible, change your camera’s settings so that you are taking high-resolution photos.

  • Keep in mind that higher resolution photos take up a lot of memory, so you may need to get a larger memory card to accommodate this change.

Use one of your camera’s automatic modes.
 Most digital cameras have an easy automatic mode that will change your camera’s settings based on the type of subject you are photographing. For example, the camera may detect that you are taking a portrait of someone in low light and adjust the settings to get the best image. Try using your camera’s automatic setting to make it easier to take better photos.

  • If your photos come out poorly focused or poorly exposed, thenstart operating certain functions manually.
  • For portraits, using an anti-red eye mode may be helpful.

Familiarize yourself with your camera.
 Take the time to get to know your camera and ensure that you are using it properly. Read the manual to learn what each control, switch, button, and menu item does.[1] Learn the basic actions, such as using the flash (on, off, and auto), zooming in and out, and using the shutter button.

  • If you can find an online tutorial for your camera or a video, then this might be helpful as well.

Hold your camera properly. The way that you hold your camera may make a difference in the quality of your shots. It is important to hold your camera with both hands to have the most control over it. Hold it so that you are supporting the lens with your left hand and holding the camera body with your right hand.[2]

  • This position will make it easier to keep your camera steady, take pictures quickly, and adjust your settings if necessary.
  • You can also try holding your elbows close to your body to help steady the camera.

How to custom playing card art by yourself

Steady your camera with a tripod. If you have a hard time keeping your camera steady enough to photograph your subjects, then you might find it helpful to get a tripod. A tripod will keep your camera steady while still allowing you to adjust it to different angles.

  • You might consider getting a low-cost tripod to start out with. You can also get mini-tripods that adjust so that you can place them on table tops and photograph from lower angles.


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