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How to custom personalized hats

How to custom personalized hats


Want to give your wardrobe a major boost? Take the plunge and buy yourself a hat. A well-chosen hat can add a strong statement to any outfit. If you want to punch up your wardrobe with a bold accessory, follow these tips to wear any hat with panache.

For Men: Great Hat Ideas

Go with a bowler hat. Think of Charlie Chaplin or an old 19th century New York City gangster. This hat looks great with a suit or with a nice shirt and a vest.[2]

Try out a homburg. You’ve seen this hat in the Godfather movies, and lately you’ve seen it resurrected by Tupac and Snoop Dogg. Whether you’re going for gangster or don, you’ll look great in your homburg hat.

Put on a pork pie hat. These hats were invented in the Victorian era for men and were named for their resemblance to a pork pie dish. Think Gene Hackman in The French Connection.

Wear a flat cap. These hats look great with a suit or when you’re wearing a large overcoat or trench coat.

Put on a fedora. Humphrey Bogart and Frank Sinatra will have nothing on you when you put on your own fedora with either formal wear or business suits. However, fedoras are so versatile that you can also wear them with a polo shirt or T-shirt.

For Women: Hat Choices for Fall and Winter
Wear a Victorian top hat.
 These hats are great with any outfit and are a great touch for a steampunk ensemble. Just keep the outfit simple since these hats are pretty elaborate.

Deck yourself out in a beret. Knit and wool berets are great for the cooler seasons.

Flaunt a fedora. These hats were also originally designed for men, but they look great with a woman’s suit or even with girly dresses.[1]

Don a pork pie hat. Pork pie hats were invented in the Victorian period. Although they were traditionally worn by men, they look great on women as well.

How to custom personalized hats

For Women: Great Hats for Spring and Summer
Wear a cloche hat.
 Cloche hats, or “flapper hats,” are made either with or without brims.

Try out a newsboy hat. Also called “paperboy hats,” these hipster hats look great with both casual and professional wear.
Put on a giant sun hat.
 These hats have floppy brims are are great to wear during the daylight hours. If you’re wearing this type of hat in winter, choose a sun hat made of felt.

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