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How to protect your Jeep Spare Tire?-Buy a tire cover

How to protect your Jeep Spare Tire?

The answer is buy a Jeep tire cover.

It is often the Jeeps and other sport utility vehicles have spare tire covers on the rear wheels. The cover is both decorative and functional, and has a variety of materials, styles and colors that can protect the tires and show the owner’s personality. Some vehicles have a dealer’s Jeep spare tire cover; others may not have one.

Brightent jeep tire covers

Why buy the jeep spare tire covers:

Tire tires are not absolutely necessary for external storage tires, especially if the spare parts are full size and are included in the normal rotation of the tires. However, if the tire is not included in the rotation, or in the extreme weather area of the vehicle, it is strongly recommended to use the cover. Prevent sun and heat damage to the UV, prevent dry, prevent sand into the tire groove and corrosion. In cold climates, the protective cover will protect the tires from Blizzard, sleet and pavement salt, extending tire life in bad weather. Maintenance of the tire cover is very simple; they can be washed, only need to occasionally remove, clean up any internal dust or debris.

In the past article, we mentioned the comparison of the tire cover providers. Brightent tire cover has durable polyester material, and with tighten rope for snug fit. You can buy from there with no printing tire cover,or tire cover with different design,or design your own.

Brightent jeep wheel covers detail picture:

jeep wrangler tire covers-material

wheel covers for jeeps-tightent rope

custom jeep tire covers:

personalize your tire cover


When I watched the film 《spider-man》, it give me a deep impressed.The main host-peter who is handsome and brave. He helped so many people who is need others help.

If we were him, whether we can sarcrified our love and friendship and even our study.In our life,people afraid of helping others and get into trouble.

Although we can not use special abilities like peter, we can also try our best to help people. For example, if we see some thieves to stolen people’s wallet, we can shout to make the thieves hurries.

If we can contribute our love-heart, our society will become more and more warmth. People can make getting along well with each other.

I love spider-man, and I hope my little baby can be a helpful person in the future, so I bought him a bib printed with Spider-Man.

Customized Mouse Pad

As a gamer, a mouse pad is very important to me.

I bought a mouse pad from Brightent, I asked them to custom the mouse pad with a picture I like. The mouse pad is very cheap so I didn’t think I would like the mouse pad.

When I received the mouse pad, I was surprise, the quality is amazing, the seller said it is made of standard rubber with durable cloth surface, anyway I don’t really know what is the material, but I like it.

I have suggested the online shop to some of my friends, with the special mouse pad, we feel more excited when play games. One of my friends wants to print his roommate’s picture on the mouse pad, he said maybe in this way he can beat his roommate in a game, very interesting.

Why is Drinking a Part of St. Patrick’s Day?

Many people are familiar with the traditions that go hand-in-hand with St. Patrick’s Day – green everything (milkshakes, beer, clothes, rivers); parades; shamrocks; corned beef; and, perhaps most notably, drinking.

There are a few non-historical reasons why people drink on St. Patrick’s Day in modern times. One is that crowds of people all celebrating the same thing tends to result in some alcohol consumption. In addition, mid-March is the time when hints of spring appear in many parts of the United States, which puts people in a jovial mood. And, most simply, some people drink because everyone else is doing it.

However, there is a historical explanation that may shed some light on the roots of the tradition.

According to legend, St. Patrick was staying at an inn where he was given a cup of whiskey that wasn’t full. He used this as a chance to teach a lesson on generosity. He told the innkeeper that there was a devil living with the whiskey in the inn’s cellar. St. Patrick said that this devil was the reason the innkeeper was greedy and cheated people out of their drink.

He explained that the only way the innkeeper could redeem himself and banish the devil was to fill everyone’s cup until it was overflowing. When St. Patrick returned, he discovered that the innkeeper now had a generous spirit and each cup was full. It then became custom to drink a “full measure” to celebrate the occasion.

In addition, because St. Patrick’s Day is a feast day, Christians are allowed to set aside their Lenten restrictions on food and alcohol consumption. This has further cemented the link between St. Patrick’s Day and drinking.

I AM A Girl

Every girl has a princess dream. Some girls have dolls, some girls have pink dresses, some girls have dreamlike bedroom.

As a girl, I have a pair of flower girls poker playing cards. My Dad said he has a son, not a daughter, but I told him, the poker playing cards is not normal, it is printed with flower girls.

I am a tomboy.I have many friends, boys think I’m a good buddy, Girls think I can protect them. I enjoy this until one day, my Dad said he really likes a daughter, I said: Daddy, I’m your daughter, please look at me carefully, I’m a girl, yes, not a boy! My Dad looked at me for a while, then said: I will have lunch with my friend, he will take his daughter.

Anyway, I will take my flower girls poker playing cards today, and will play with my friends, and tell them, I am a princess.

Keep Calm And Have A BBQ

My uncle is very excited today because he bought a grill and will have barbecue in his yard today. And he asked me together.

I asked why, because my uncle often argue with me, such as I call him old man, but he thinks he is very young. My uncle said: “Today I want you to know I am really young. OK, I just wait.

Finally we get to uncle’s home, I saw a covered grill,

“see?” My uncle said.

I just want to ask him what is the point, but I desided to check the grill around, OH, the point is the cover, it is printed “Keep calm and Have a BBQ”. LOL

“So I should say you are young because the cover is printed Keep calm and Have a BBQ?”

“Yes, I’m so fashion, and I have a new idea, I will buy a couple t-shirt with my dog, my dog t-shirt printed with I love John, my t-shirt printed with I love my dog”.

After a hearty laugh, I took some photos for the Keep calm and Have a BBQ Customized Grill cover, I will show the picture on my facebook, maybe my friends will ask me where can they buy this for there parents, I will tell them to buy from Brightent, an amazing online shop where you can buy some customized products to satisfy your parents.

Custom Tent Canopy Top Replacement Front and Back Print Blue Color

Want to escape from the rut of work and see the world? Try camping as a lifestyle. Every day is yours to do exactly as you please, you can travel, work seasonally, and rack up several lifetimes-worth of experience.

When camping, you may need a camping tent, because you may sleep outside at night. You need to make sure you have a good tent. Try to find one with a built in sheet underneath to prevent cold and insects from getting inside. Buy another ground sheet to put underneath the tent to protect it. A good tent should have at least one window, and enough space for all people who are going. You should have enough room for everyone to sleep, and more room for storage. Decide if you want a tent with one main door or several. Try to face the doors away from the wind when you pitch your tent, and make sure the doors zip fully closed. Make sure you have some good quality pegs to pitch your tent with and a tool such as a hammer or mallet to put them in with. You should know how to pitch your tent before you leave for the camp site, so practice in your back garden. In case of bad weather, you should try to find a tent with a porch or an awning.

If you need a good tent, please have a look at our store, we also have our side print model, expect the high quality (600D high quality polyester with PU coating), our advantage is that our tents can be customized, we can do back and front printing. Welcome to buy from us.

Custom Tent Canopy Top Replacement Front and Back Print Skeleton

Just want to share an embarrassed  thing happened to me.

On last weekend, I invited some good friends to my home to have a party. We had the party usder the tent I bought online. The atmosphere was good. When we were eating and drinking, singing and dancing, the embarrassed thing happened: the tent collapsed…

I told my friends that they can go inside house first, and I spent some time to repair the tent. The tent is OK, I made it work again, but the top ripped and can’t be used, I can’t continue the party under it.

At that moment, my Dad saved me, he is my hero. He gave me a top replacement, and what interested me is that the top was printed with a pirate skeleton. My Dad said he just bought a replacement for futher use.

Then my friend came out,they said the tent is perfect with the top replacement, they like the pirate skeleton print very much.

I love my Dad, he always helps me, and I also want to recommend the top replacement to others, it owns to an online shop names brightent, which is an experienced customized products supplier.

The Skull

Now, many People like skull print, not only young people,but old people. You can see skull printed clothes, bags and jewelry everywhere. Why skull becomes a popular elements?

Pirates hung the flag on the mast, there is a big skull on the flag—you always see this in movies. Directors should gratitude Emanuel Wynn, a Pirate from 18th century, he is the first Pirate use flag with a skull.

Acturally, skull elementis not began with Pirate. In Germany at 15th century, an artist named Albrecht Dürer used a painting expressed death meaning of a skull.

In 1970s, skull and punk are linked together, then skull element because more and more fashion, and it is still a popular element until today.

Compare of custom tire covers sellers online-comparison

custom spare tire covers

Custom spare tire covers comparison

There are several online tire cover sellers who can provide custom made service, here we make a comparison:

Tire cover comparison compare brightent

From the above list, if you want to custom make a tire cover with very good quality, you can buy from custom-tire-covers or customtirecovers, but you need to pay about 200USD for it. Brightent-store has very good price which you needn’t have too much risk, and their quality is ok for use. Especially, if you have good design, you can open a store on their platform to sell your design on the tire covers, and many other products.

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