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A Joke

I lost my temper and quarreled with him yesterday, and I went out the whole night.

This morning when I wake up, I found there is no message from him. It is strange. I called him, but no answer.

I thought maybe I’m wrong, I should control my hot temper.

I went to our apartment, the door is open. I went in and found the house is full of roses. The bedding bag is new, it is printed with roses.

Maybe he will propose marriage today. At that time, he went in, “oh, you are back.”

“Do you like the roses, the bedding bag? I bought from Brightent, you said you like the store, and I want to propose marriage.” He said.

“Yes, I do.” I am very moved.

“No, not to you, I will get married with Susan, she is soft.” He said this with a smile.

“OK, congratulations”, then I went out.

There are many friends outside include Susan, they are laughing, so it is a joke…

“Honey, today is April Fool ‘s Day, but I’m serious, do you want to marry me?”

I do, but I’m afraid this is a joke again, maybe I should say that I have a new boyfriend?

Customized Balloons

I’m a kindergarten teacher, our principal asked me to have a party for the kids, as you know, the kids are about three years old, some of them are very naughty. But principal said he will invite the parents.

I’m afraid I will mess up the party and the parents won’t like me, I’m a new teacher.

When I back home with a worried look, I told this to my father. Then my father had an great idea for me.

On the second day, I wrote a choice question on the blackboard.

Which one do you like?

A- Mickey Mouse

B- Pooh Bear

C- Peppa Pig

D- SpongeBob

According to the kids’ choices, I ordered some balloons from a online store Brightent, they can custom the balloons with Mickey Mouse, Pooh Bear, Peppa Pig and SpongeBob.

As I wished, the kids like the balloons very much and the party was great, parents like me very much.

Thanks my father, he said he bought a customized Cell phone cases from Brightent, so had the idea of customized balloons. So thanks Brightent.

Valentine’s Day present

Valentine’s Day is coming, I have prepared a gift for my wife – a necklace, but I’m curious about the gift from her, she always gives me surprises.

I desided to check her online shopping cart.I found it is unbelievable, because she bought me a lighter.

I’m a heavy smoker, she doesn’t like smoking people, especially me, why she bought me a lighter, very hard to understand.

Anyway, the day is here now. We exchange gifts in a restaurant. She said: “Darling, I know you checked my online shopping cart, and found the gift is a lighter.”

“Yes, I did that, why it is a lighter? You hate me smoke…… ”

“Here is the lighter.” She gives the lighter to you, it is in a little box.

I opened the box and found her picture on the lighter.

“OH, do you think I can use the lighter with your picture to smoker? ” I said.

“That is the point, I hope you can quit smoking for me……” She said.

I’m smiling, and said: “I’ll try if I can be a father.”

“That is why I bought this gift.”

So my wife is ready to be a wife, that is great. I will quit smoking and wait to be a father. I like the lighter bought from Brightent very much, it can be charged and customized.

A Date Of Poker Playing Cards

Jan is 40 years old and she has a 15 years old son Jack. And her best friend named Lucy, Lucy had a 14 years old daughter Rose.

One day last month, Jan’s son suggested to have a party with Lucy and her daughter and will tell everybody a secret. Jan was very happy about that, so does Lucy.

Now it is the party day, Jack showed everybody a pair of poker playing cards, he said the card was special, it is customized. Jan thought that the secret should be in the cards, so she wanted to have a look. It is really special, 52 playing cards printed with 52 friends pictures, most are Jack’s and Rose’s classmates, “but where are the 2 Jokers per decks?”

“So that is it, Mum!” Jack gives the 2 Jokers per decks to Jan, then Jan bursted into hearty laugh, “Oh, Jack, my son, I know your secret!” The she gave the two cards to Lucy, Lucy is also very happy with the secret.

The 2 Jokers per deck was prined with Jack’s and Rose’d pictures, Jack’s secret is that he is dating with Rose.

“This is fantastic, where did you buy the poker playing cards?” Lucy asked.

Rose said they bought the cards online from Brightent, the store also customized t-shirts, bags, caps and something else, they will buy more, because the products are so special and personal for lovers.

A Comparison Of Buying Mouse Pad From Different Companies

There are several online custom mouse pad sellers, here we make a comparison:

From the above list,their material and the quality are the same.Why don’t you buy a cheapest mouse pad? You should buy from Brightent.It help you save money.You can design you unique mouse pad. And you have good design, you can open a store on their platform to sell your design on the mouse pad, and many other products.

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