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Stay with my pet

There are many patterns, colors, and materials for shower curtains available. With so many options it can seem overwhelming to choose a shower curtain, but this can actually be a fun decorating process. You can find the perfect shower curtain for you if you choose the materials, designs, and accessories that fit your needs. You should purchase both a liner and a curtain to make sure your bathroom is protected from water damage.

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When I am a child, l like dogs and cats very much. So I choose be a pet groomer when I grow up. Now I am work in the pet shop for many year in the middle city in the state of Florida. Recently my shower curtain is broken, so I want to buy a new one. These time I want to buy a personalized shower curtain, and can print my pets’ pic on the curtain. There is no shop can do this in local. Then I want to search if there is a shop can do this online. One day, when I search the blog on website. I saw a blog which introduce a website that can personalized things. I was so happy with this blog. I asked the custom service if I can print what I want on the shower curtain. They replied me yes.

Then I sent them my pets pics to them.

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Recently, we received the personalized shower curtains. It is really good. The pic on the cover is very clear. Also the quality is perfect. My boy friend also very satisfied with this. This shower curtain is match with our bathroom very well. I will buy some other things on the website. You can also see the website, if there is something you want.

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Pray More Worry Less

I have a lazy wife, she never cook. I cook everyday and I’m not happy. I asked my mother how can I change my wife.

My Mum said: “Son, I will visit you this weekend, and I will tell you what to do.”

I think my Mum is 67 years old and she should have a way to change my lazy wife.

So my Mum came on the weekend, she brought me a gift, it is a Apron, printed with “Pray More and Worry Less”!

I can’t believe, this is the way to change my wife?

“Son, don’t believe that you can change your wife, you can only change yourself, Pray More and Worry Less, maybe one day, she will cook.”

I forgot that my Mum is my wife’s best friend……

“OK, I cook today, what would you like for dinner?

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A Comparison Of Buying Shower Curtain From Different Companies

There are several online custom shower curtain sellers who can provide custom made service, here we make a comparison:

From the above list,their material is the same.Why don’t you save your money? You should buy from Brightent.You can design you unique shower curtains and buy it. Or you have good design, you can open a store on their platform to sell your design on the shower curtain, and even design on many other products.

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Custom Slippers

The cold winter has passed, summer is coming, do you want to bring your family to the beach on weekends? The sun was shinning,and the air was fresh, It is very interesting.

When you play on beach, you must need a pair of slippers, a pair of personal slippers look very cool.

We are an experienced slippers specialists on the internet. Our slippers are made of standard rubber with durable surface. We ensure that you will not only get excellent pricing, selection and value, you will also get expert assistance in design. We will customize your slippers exactly as you like. You can send us a picture you like, and we can use our machine to print the picture to the slippers, we use durable UV ink, it will anti-fade in the sun.

We have men size, women size and kids size for our slippers, so you can custom for your whole family, or you can custom for your company.

We have many other custom product, Please browse my Store Brightent to find more items you may love.

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I love my cat

As a cat owner, I think that my cat loves me.

One thing, my cat hates water, but he follows me to my bathroom and watch me take a bath.I asked my friend why this happens, my friend said because my cat loves me and he likes to be around me.

Another thing, my cat gave me some gifts: dead mice and birds. That is really annoying, I acknowledge, but I asked myself, why my cat didn’t eat the mice and birds, he loves them. He just gave me his favorite food.

One day, my manager asked me to find a picture for our custom shower curtains, I desided to find one about cat, as you can see in the shower curtain: I love my cat. I will buy one from my company, because I will give this gift to my cat. My friend Jan said the design of the print is too simple, I also think so, but I have no choice, because my cat can’t read too much. Next time I will tell my cat I love him when he follows me to the bathroon, just like he loves me.

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Custom made shower curtain personalized

As the shield in bathroom, shower curtains can give us a good sense of relax, and it is a kind of beauty in a bathroom.
Now we have great pleasure to introducing our company shower curtains. Compare with Shower curtains from other sales, our advantage is that our shower curtains can be customized. You can purchase a custom made size from us, also you can buy our current design, or send us your design for custom made.
And our shower curtains are of high quality, they are made of woven polyester, durable and water proof.
We have many other custom product, Please browse my Store to find more items you may love.