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A Comparison Of Buying Phone Cases From Different Companies

I have bought several phone cases from above companies, here we make the comparison for your suggestion:

Zazzle has best quality and multipal design. And they have 3D design case. Brightent has very good price which you needn’t have too much risk. Obviously you can save a lot of money. Also, if you have good design, you can open a store on their platform to sell your design on the phone cases.

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A Happy Birthday

Today is Wednesday and it is my birthday.

This morning when I wake up and took my phone, there was a message from my Boyfriend: Honey, I have a gift for you, just get up, open your window then you’ll see the surprise. Then I saw it, a car.

Now I’m on the car, it is amazing, my boyfriend sit beside me, “Honey, I have a question, when you navigate, where would you like to put your phone?”

“Oh, that is a question, I can’t just hold the phone, because I’m driving.”

Then he show me another gift. It is a phone stand for car, not like my friend’s, this one is small and cute, I like it very much.

“My colleague suggested this to me, I bought from Brightent, the phone stand is designed with antriust ball shaped base, 360°rotation, free height and angle adjustment, and it is compatible with any mobile device, such as phone, ipad, GPS, and so on. ”

I like the car and the phone stand very much, from this thing, I can see my boyfriend knows me deeply, he bought me a car because I said I’m tired with a lot of people crowded bus, and bought me a phone stand because I will need it when drive, I love him and I’m ready to marry him.

Really a happy birthday.