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Be A Father

I was in hospital for a whole night. Although I am tired out, I feel very happy, because my  wife gave birth to a daughter. I’m a father now.

Now my daughter is sleeping beside my wife, she is so beautiful. Then my phone rings, I know it is the post man. Ten minutes later, I wear a new sweater stand before my wife, it is a sweater printed according to my requirement: I Am A Dad With A Shotgun A Showel And A Backyard.

That is what I want to say to my daughter, I will be a good father, protect her with a Shotgun, give a comfortable life in a big house with a backyard, and we can plant vegetables with a Showel. Although I haven’t made much money, I will work hard.

My wife cry with joy, and said “I love you forever!”

I hope we will have a happy life together forever.

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Choose Life

Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a family. Choose a big television; choose washing machines, cars, compact disk players and electrical tin openers…We are choosing life. Sometimes we hesitate, life chooses us or we choose life.

As you can see, we can’t choose many things, like parents, sisters and brothers and the hospital we were born, because our parents made the decision. But as time goes, we grow up, we can choose our favorite clothes, songs, life styles… Some people said they are upset and they can’t control themselves, yes, life is not always full of smiles and flowers. When difficulty comes, the positive method is to utilize your ability to clear away your difficulties that appear in your way of life rather than run away from them. You can cry, but please don’t give up, because you need to choose life, and your life can be better and better.