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A Joke

I lost my temper and quarreled with him yesterday, and I went out the whole night.

This morning when I wake up, I found there is no message from him. It is strange. I called him, but no answer.

I thought maybe I’m wrong, I should control my hot temper.

I went to our apartment, the door is open. I went in and found the house is full of roses. The bedding bag is new, it is printed with roses.

Maybe he will propose marriage today. At that time, he went in, “oh, you are back.”

“Do you like the roses, the bedding bag? I bought from Brightent, you said you like the store, and I want to propose marriage.” He said.

“Yes, I do.” I am very moved.

“No, not to you, I will get married with Susan, she is soft.” He said this with a smile.

“OK, congratulations”, then I went out.

There are many friends outside include Susan, they are laughing, so it is a joke…

“Honey, today is April Fool ‘s Day, but I’m serious, do you want to marry me?”

I do, but I’m afraid this is a joke again, maybe I should say that I have a new boyfriend?

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Pray More Worry Less

I have a lazy wife, she never cook. I cook everyday and I’m not happy. I asked my mother how can I change my wife.

My Mum said: “Son, I will visit you this weekend, and I will tell you what to do.”

I think my Mum is 67 years old and she should have a way to change my lazy wife.

So my Mum came on the weekend, she brought me a gift, it is a Apron, printed with “Pray More and Worry Less”!

I can’t believe, this is the way to change my wife?

“Son, don’t believe that you can change your wife, you can only change yourself, Pray More and Worry Less, maybe one day, she will cook.”

I forgot that my Mum is my wife’s best friend……

“OK, I cook today, what would you like for dinner?

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When I watched the film 《spider-man》, it give me a deep impressed.The main host-peter who is handsome and brave. He helped so many people who is need others help.

If we were him, whether we can sarcrified our love and friendship and even our study.In our life,people afraid of helping others and get into trouble.

Although we can not use special abilities like peter, we can also try our best to help people. For example, if we see some thieves to stolen people’s wallet, we can shout to make the thieves hurries.

If we can contribute our love-heart, our society will become more and more warmth. People can make getting along well with each other.

I love spider-man, and I hope my little baby can be a helpful person in the future, so I bought him a bib printed with Spider-Man.

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Customized Balloons

I’m a kindergarten teacher, our principal asked me to have a party for the kids, as you know, the kids are about three years old, some of them are very naughty. But principal said he will invite the parents.

I’m afraid I will mess up the party and the parents won’t like me, I’m a new teacher.

When I back home with a worried look, I told this to my father. Then my father had an great idea for me.

On the second day, I wrote a choice question on the blackboard.

Which one do you like?

A- Mickey Mouse

B- Pooh Bear

C- Peppa Pig

D- SpongeBob

According to the kids’ choices, I ordered some balloons from a online store Brightent, they can custom the balloons with Mickey Mouse, Pooh Bear, Peppa Pig and SpongeBob.

As I wished, the kids like the balloons very much and the party was great, parents like me very much.

Thanks my father, he said he bought a customized Cell phone cases from Brightent, so had the idea of customized balloons. So thanks Brightent.

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Customized Mouse Pad

As a gamer, a mouse pad is very important to me.

I bought a mouse pad from Brightent, I asked them to custom the mouse pad with a picture I like. The mouse pad is very cheap so I didn’t think I would like the mouse pad.

When I received the mouse pad, I was surprise, the quality is amazing, the seller said it is made of standard rubber with durable cloth surface, anyway I don’t really know what is the material, but I like it.

I have suggested the online shop to some of my friends, with the special mouse pad, we feel more excited when play games. One of my friends wants to print his roommate’s picture on the mouse pad, he said maybe in this way he can beat his roommate in a game, very interesting.

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Valentine’s Day present

Valentine’s Day is coming, I have prepared a gift for my wife – a necklace, but I’m curious about the gift from her, she always gives me surprises.

I desided to check her online shopping cart.I found it is unbelievable, because she bought me a lighter.

I’m a heavy smoker, she doesn’t like smoking people, especially me, why she bought me a lighter, very hard to understand.

Anyway, the day is here now. We exchange gifts in a restaurant. She said: “Darling, I know you checked my online shopping cart, and found the gift is a lighter.”

“Yes, I did that, why it is a lighter? You hate me smoke…… ”

“Here is the lighter.” She gives the lighter to you, it is in a little box.

I opened the box and found her picture on the lighter.

“OH, do you think I can use the lighter with your picture to smoker? ” I said.

“That is the point, I hope you can quit smoking for me……” She said.

I’m smiling, and said: “I’ll try if I can be a father.”

“That is why I bought this gift.”

So my wife is ready to be a wife, that is great. I will quit smoking and wait to be a father. I like the lighter bought from Brightent very much, it can be charged and customized.